Dave Huffman

E006 - Follow The Parade

Dave Huffman joined Plantastic Events podcast on January 27th, 2018. He’ll talk about how he organizes large festivals and parades!

Hot topics for episode 006:

  1. Important things to budget when hosting large parades and festivals
  2. How to build a super team/committee to organize all events
  3. Identify best ways to set up an event with appropriate routes and times
  4. How to control traffic and collaborate with local police stations for security

Dave Huffman is the president of Peachtree Corners Festival organizing committee. He has an electrical engineering background but since his retirement, he spends most of his time volunteering with Peachtree Corners Festival and assisting with refugee relocation.

Produced by Stoogeapp.com.
Host: Nausheen Punjani.
Guest: Dave Huffman.
Music: Justin Mahar.
Support: Aly Hussaini from Stooge and Prototype Prime.

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