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Why use Stooge?

No matter what type of event or festival you are creating, Stooge makes it simple and easy to connect with your vendors, sponsors, audience, volunteers, performers, and venue.

You're in charge

With Stooge, you're in complete control of applications, vendor assignment, sponsor branding, registration, scheduling, ticketing, and engagement.

We help you at every step

Stooge offers tools, tips, 24/7 support, magazine, and a podcast with experienced event organizers for questions and sharing of ideas for success.

How to use Stooge

Create your event
Create your event
It's simple and easy to create an event or festival on Stooge. Just describe your event, add registration and schedule info, upload photos, and add details on the map.
Stooge was created to make your life easier.
Create your event
Connect vendors and sponsors
Connect vendors and sponsors
Connect vendors and sponsors
Review vendor and sponsor applications, accept payments, and connect them to your event on our platform.
Most event organizers pin the locations of the vendors and sponsors on the map so the audience can locate them easily.
Connect with your volunteers
Connect with your volunteers
Volunteers can easily sign up and register for your event through Stooge.
You can build a database and manage of all your volunteers, send automated e-mails with reminders and helpful tips about your event, and thank them for their commitment and hard work.
Connect with your volunteers
Launch it
Launch it
Launch it
By using Stooge, your audience can purchase their tickets or register before the event from your site or at the event using our e-kiosk. They can also give you feedback through the review e-kiosk system.
The payments are automatically transferred into your banking account, minus a 3% transaction fees.

The Stooge Confidence

Data Privacy Guarantee

Confidentiality and privacy is very important to us. We believe that your audience data and information belongs to you and we do not share with other event organizers.

Secured all of the way

With Stooge, you do not need to worry about security of your information. We do this by leveraging industry standard security systems. You are always protected.

Stooge is built on trust

Stooge provides you with detail vendor, sponsor, and volunteer information and gives you the ability to review them post-event. We want to make sure that your event is of high quality and experience.

Frequently asked questions

Stooge is an event management software to help you create your festivals and events with ease. It’s designed to help you easily communicate with your sponsors, vendors, volunteers, and attendees by centralizing all your information in one place. By using Stooge, you can collect payments, process refunds, customize applications, and maintain a database of your users. This means you will spend less time with the administrative stress and more time enjoying your events.
You can start immediately and preview your event without paying. Visit the homepage and start to create an event today.
Yes, Stooge can integate with an existing web site or domain name. All you need to do is use our easy to use wizard when creating an event and it will guide you.
Absolutely not, it’s easy for anyone to use.
Stooge will never send unsolicited emails or share your data with third parties in any way. Here is a link to our privacy policy:
Stooge means a person who will do unpleasant work to support others. Our mission is to do the unpleasant tasks for you and let you enjoy your events or festivals.
Increase your impressions: Stooge has built-in features to help you increase impressions on social media with sponsorship tags. You can easily upload pictures and automatically share it with your attendees.

Accelerate productivity: Stooge will automate business processes and thereby, allowing you to focus more time on building sponsorship relationships.
We’re here to help. Just contact us here: and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
It’s easy to preview for free but when you’re ready, check out our pricing plan here:
We will be sad to see you go but you can cancel at any time. If you are in an auto-renewal plan, just disable it and you’re good to go.

Check out who uses us and join the the journey today.

  • Shiv's Institute of Dance
  • Atlanta Beer Festivals
  • Peachtree Corners Festival
  • City of Milton
  • City of Suwanee
  • Duluth Fall Festival
  • Georgia Peach Festival
  • Forsyth-Monroe Chamber of Commerce
  • National Banana Pudding Festival
  • Chalktoberfest
  • City of Sugar Hill

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